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Euroeat ja Jokerit yhdessä Kiinan markkinoille

Jokerit Hockey Club Oy ja Euroeat Oy ovat allekirjoittaneet sopimuksen molempien yhtiöiden Kiinan liiketoimintaa kiihdyttävästä yhteistyöstä.

Sopimus kattaa Jokereiden Kiinan verkkokaupan sekä faniklubin perustamisen ja operoinnin, kiinalaisia faneja palvelevan verkkomarkkinointialustan rakentamisen ja operoinnin sekä molempien yhtiöiden medianäkyvyyttä ja markkinointia tukevan yhteistyön.

Kiina hakee jääkiekon tunnettavuuden voimakasta kasvua, joka tukee jääkiekkoon liittyvän liiketoiminnan kehittymistä sekä Pekingin 2022 talviolympialaisten menestymistä. Tätä varten Kiina suunnittelee rakentavansa tulevan viiden vuoden aikana noin 2000 uutta jäähallia. Lisäksi Kiina aikoo perustaa KHL Liigassa pelaavan jääkiekkojoukkueen Kunlun Redstarin rinnalle uusia jääkiekkojoukkueita. Tämä nyt avautuva markkina tarjoaa useilla alueilla täysin uusia merkittäviä liiketoimintamahdollisuuksia monille suomalaisille yrityksille.

Jokereiden ja Euroeatin yhteistyön avulla Jokereiden ja Euroeatin kumppanit saavat Kiinassa paremman näkyvyyden, mahdollisuuden omaan laadukkaaseen verkkokauppaan sekä siten nopeamman pääsyn näille valtaville ja kasvaville markkinoille.

Yhteistyön ensimmäiset tulokset julkaistiin 12.1.2017 Kunlun Redstar – Jokerit jääkiekko-ottelussa Pekingissä.

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Muumin virallinen Kiinan verkkosivusto on avattu!

Euroeatin väellä on ilo kertoa että virallinen Kiinan versio on tänään julkaistu ja kaikkien kiinalaisten Muumi-fanien käytettävissä. yhdistää taidokkaasti Muumin Kiinan fani klubin, Muumin Kiinan verkkokaupan sekä Muumin Kiinassa sijaitsevan verkkosivuston tuoden nyt sivuston sisällön kiinalaisille Muumi fanien käyttöön. Esimerkkinä näistä Muumi-hahmojen esittely, Muumin historia sekä paljon muuta.

Official Chinese version of is now live!

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Euroeat is honored to start the co-operation with China National Children’s Theatre

Euroeat is honored to have an opportunity to start direct co-operation with China National Children’s Theatre on sales of licensed and genuine Moomin products in theatre’s shop.

Co-operation is related to “King in the Valley” performances in the theatre.

Official Chinese Moomin Fan Club  will be also promoted to the visitors. From fan club visitors, as well as other Moomin fans, can find information about new products available directly in Euroeat’s official Moomin shop in China.

Moomin related product offering will be expanded in due course, also according to visitors’ wishes to match with their preferences.

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Euroeatin osakeanti alkanut 22.8

Euroeatin osakeanti on alkanut.

Lisää tietoa annista ja sen ehdoista osoitteessa




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Euroeat logo

Euroeat and Tsinghua University press spread Moomin joy together

Euroeat is working together with Tsinghua Press to spread Moomin all over China

New Moomin books are coming to China!

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Moomin Online shop in China

Euroeat is honored to become Moomin’s partner and open the only and official Moomin online shop in China


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Kiina, logistiikka

Delivering happiness to people on China countryside

Happiness to people’s lives.

Online shopping opportunity really brings happiness to people’s lives, including those living in rural areas.

Euroeat just delivered an order in about 24 hours to a small village school located besides China-Vietnam border. One of our young appreciated customer bought some Finnish licorice from us. Delivery distance was about 3000 km.

10 years ago, a young teenager from countryside of China would never have had an opportunity to buy products from Finland – today it is completely possible.

This is truly amazing! China wide and big market is really open for European companies and Euroeat continues to bring happiness to people’s lives everywhere across the whole of China

A big thanks to our great logistics partner, who has made this delivery possible!

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China’s online market – Success is just a grasp away – Part 2

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This post will be in continuation to the series Euroeat Ltd. articles about the China online market.

We will keep this simple to save your time as we believe that simplicity leads to success.

In our last publication we wrote about the overall size of the Chinese market and its seismic changes underway as well as all of its unparalleled opportunities these changes offer.

In this article we will be focusing on the two very first mandatory steps you need to take when planning on entering the Chinese online business.

Now lets focus on those:

The very first mandatory step is to ensure you, and your company are truly  motivated in entering the market. If there is real motivation then the capability to do this will follow. This will be followed by success if you are prepared to do lots of systematic and persevering work.

If  you are motivated and ready to do this, let’s continue:

  • The product may be so extraordinary that business skyrockets right away however this is very unlikely. Time, patience and willingness to learn is needed. The key question is: ”Are you ready to respect China and its culture?” That is a must. Chinese consumers are very demanding and will focus on even the smallest details
  • Strive for success, stay motivated – just one product or customer may ignite something much larger. Trust that this day will arrive!

The Second mandatory step is to make sure that there is demand for your product:

  • The way your product is introduced to the market vary greatly from the west. The sales arguments are very different. The consumers expect sales pitches to be told in a Chinese way. Keywords being: health, fitness, safety, natural, trust and authentic.
  • Utilize foreignness of your product and above mentioned keywords to your advantage but keep in mind that what sells in your country, may not necessarily sell in China.
  • Connect to your customers by building a trustworthy brand image.

In the next post we will focus more on the next steps  in order to penetrate the online Chinese market.

Stay tuned! We promise it will pay off!

This post have been published originally in LinkedIn/Pulse

Our earlier publications:

China’s online market – ”Success is just a grasp away” – Part 1

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China’s online market – ”Success is just a grasp away”

China online market is very competitive. Yes – very competitive.

If you are thinking about importing foreign products through China online channels, questions, thoughts and worries may easily arise: Why go there? Will my products be accepted there?  What kind of  limitations are there for imports? Red sea – don’t even bother! There are way too many barriers to enter the market and so on…

So should you even bother?

We believe – YES! Absolutely. There is a ”Once in a life time opportunity”.


Lets start by first looking at the market size and economy:

The 2014 online retailing value was between 550-600 Billion €. Imported products represent about 10% of the total market. From 2013 to 2014 the annual growth of imported goods through online businesses increased by 50-60%.  Online B2C sales are expected to reach around 53 % of the total market as early as 2017.

Underlying development continues to be healthy. The country has more than €17.2 trillion in bank deposits, growing by up to €2 trillion a year.  This means that the purchasing power is there.

So how about in the long run; a recent forecast has stated that in 2050 China’s GDB will represent approximately half of the global GDB!

So – the market is attractive. And there is a huge demand for affordable, high-quality trusted western brands and products. A short walk along the streets of China will immediately make this evident.

Now lets look at the market from another perspective; there are seismic changes happening in China:

  • Urbanization. China’s mass migration is currently under way and is single handedly the largest in human history; 300M citizens have already relocated to cities and 350M more are on the way. By 2030 China will have over 1 billion people living in urban areas. This is roughly equivalent to moving the entire population of Europe.
  • Rapid growth of the middle class.  China’s economy has more than quadrupled in just the last 10 years; this has lifted over 400M people out of poverty between 1993 and 2013. An additional 200M people will enter the growing middle class by the year 2026 joining the 300M who have done so in the past 30 years. This means that by 2030 China will have over 700 million middle class citizens.

We strongly believe that this market and economy outlook along with the rapid immense changes happening in China are an unparalleled opportunity.

Online mobile pastimes have shifted; from gaming to shopping.

How to capture your share of the market and penetrate? Innovation never ends but just speeds up. We believe there are many ways to do all of this however it  needs a systematic, feet on the ground approach as well as respect to the local cultural and the appropriate local way to introduce your product to the targeted consumer.

A large budget may or may not help but we believe in quality, not quantity.

In our forthcoming posts we will be sharing even more tips such as: what are the essential must do things before starting, how to grow in the Chinese online market and how to make your product a hit.

Sources: AliResearch; A.T. Kearney analysis,  IMF, McKinsey, Jefferies, Wikipedia.

This article was first published 23h November 2015 in Pulse

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